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Whether you've recently completed a home or office addition, or you're just looking to have AC installed in your property but don't have the proper ductwork in place to support it, we have a solution: Mini-split AC. This ductless air conditioning solution is flexible, comes with a small footprint and does a great job providing efficient cooling to the areas in a home or office that need it. At Coastal Mechanical, mini-split systems are just one type of AC unit that we excel at installing and repairing. Learn more about mini-split system installation and the benefits of these units on this page, and contact us today to schedule your installation or maintenance.

Mini-Split System Installation: Explained

Mini-split system installation is a bit different than your standard central air or ductless HVAC system install. As we noted in the opening, these systems are ideal for homes and offices that either don't have central air conditioning installed or have recently completed an addition or expansion and want to adequately cool this area. Installation consists of installing two main components, a compressor that is located outdoors and an air-handling unit that's located inside the room you intend to cool. Being that there's a bit more logistics and planning that go into mini-split HVAC service, you want to be sure you're working with a reputable, professional and experienced firm for this service. At Coastal Mechanical, we specialize in ductless mini-split air conditioner installation.

Benefits of Mini-Split AC

One of the inquiries we commonly receive is whether or not mini-split systems are worth it compared to portable AC units and other ductless AC units. In most situations, they definitely are - and that's because of the added-value benefits they come along with. Here's a look at some of them:

  • Expandable: While you may only require a mini-split system to cool one room, there's the option to add up to four air-handling units to one condenser, meaning that a mini split system can potentially cool up to four rooms in a home or office.
  • Energy efficient: Compared to window AC units and other ductless options, mini-split systems are generally more energy efficient.
  • Long lasting: Again, compared with other ductless AC units, mini-split systems tend to last longer, potentially up to 20 years with the right care.
  • Small size: Overall, mini-split systems are said to be the next best HVAC option compared to central air. In addition to the benefits that we've listed here, they also have a small footprint both inside and outside of the home.

Contact Us Today for Mini-Split Services

Like we've noted, mini-split AC systems aren't your typical AC unit - so you'll want more than just an average HVAC company working to provide such service on your property. That's where Coastal Mechanical comes in. As a reputable, experienced HVAC contractor, we know what it takes to install or service mini-split systems in any type of setting. Contact us today for more information on mini-split systems and why we're the preferred company in the region to deliver them.

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