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Cape Cod Residential Cooling & HVAC Services


Coastal Mechanical is a leading name on Cape Cod for all HVAC services for your home, office, and building. Our Cape Cod HVAC are a team of dedicated professionals who work closely with you to plan in detail, manage tediously and then execute it effectively. Our understanding and expertise in the industry have earned us a positive repute. Contact us now for a service call!

An HVAC system is large and complex. Any HVAC installation, repair, or maintenance services that you need must be completed by a qualified Cape Cod HVAC professional. The Cape Cod Residential HVAC experts at Coastal Mechanical offer quality repair, installation and other heating and cooling services throughout Cape Cod and surrounding areas.


Mini-Split Systems

If your room or space requires a proper mini-split system, we are here to help. Mini-splits make a great alternative to central air-conditioning and required ductwork that come with it. Most units can also heat your home in winter, providing an alternative source of warmth, and access to energy incentive rebates. Our Mini-Split professionals will inspect the area and chart out a proper pathway for the outdoor and indoor unit to provide you with the best outcome possible.

Air Conditioning

Call Coastal Mechanical for all your air conditioning needs. We have vast experience in working with all kinds of air conditioning from central A/C to mini-splits and more. We have efficiently installed a great number of air-conditioning system all over Cape Cod, and are ready to provide installation, maintenance, or repairs to you. We can even help you take advantage of any applicable rebates.

Air Handlers

An efficient air handler is critical to the smooth operation of any air conditioning system, especially on Cape Cod where humidity and moisture can cause air circulation problems without proper maintenance. Coastal Mechanical have the expertise to provide proper installation and reliable service for your entire HVAC system, including air handlers.

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