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Our Cape Cod Commercial & Residential Electrical Installation & Electrical Electrician Services


The electrical network within a home, office or a building is what keeps the entire machinery of the premises running. For a streamlined working of everything powered into electrical outlets, you will have to invest in a proper and effective electrical system. We, at Coastal Mechanical, ensure that your space keeps running smoothly. Give us a nudge for a service call!

24 Hour Emergency Electrical Electrician Service - Serving Residential and Commercial Clectrical Installation Customers throughout Cape Cod. Hire a licensed Electrical Contractor for your Residential or Commercial Job. We have more than 20 years experience, providing Cape Cod electrical installation services.


Service Upgrades

The electrical systems may need to be updated from time to time to efficiently provide for energy requirements of newer additions such as appliances, electrical devices, electronic devices, etc. We offer service upgrades including panel upgrades to let your house meet the requirements without compromising on the quality of material or service.

When you work with Cape Cod Electrician - Coastal Mechanical, your new construction electrical electrician will deliver professionally designed electrical installation systems that last for many years to come. Our results are up to the highest industry and technological standard. To get started, please contact our commercial & residential electrical team in Cape Cod for an initial consultation. Stay safe with assistance from our residential & commercial electrical team at Coastal Mechanical of Cape Cod. Call now to learn more information about electrical installation! (508) 737-8747


We provide a great variety of generators to cater to your electrical needs. Our range is highly efficient, high-quality and durable, and will work seamlessly with your power and electrical systems. Our crew will assess the premises, plan out an accurate input/output quantity, and install the generators that best suit your electrical needs.

Recessed Lighting

One of the most creative ways to add more lighting and focused areas within your homes and offices is to add recessed lighting. It naturally creates an ambiance for your space while lighting up the entire room in a diffused tone. From warm whites to cool whites, from SMDs to LEDs; we offer you with the best in recessed lighting available in the market.

Light Fixtures

To add, repair and replace light fixtures, Coastal Mechanical offers the service of fixture installation, repair, and replacement. We handle all sorts of light fixtures to brighten up your rooms. The most popular types of light fixtures include chandeliers, ceiling lights, wall lanterns, pendant lights, focused lights, and so much more. We have the best solutions tailormade for you.

LED Lighting

To make your home and office more energy-efficient, eco-friendly and green, we recommend that you invest in the LED lighting for your fixtures. It has a longer lifespan while requiring minimal maintenance. Our company has LED lighting solutions for all kinds of rooms and spaces. After inspection, we install these to make your spaces brighter and greener.

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