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Wi-Fi Thermostats

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One of the biggest afterthoughts when it comes to your home's HVAC system is none other than the thermostat that helps control it. In reality, there are plenty of types of thermostats that you can outfit your home with, from standard, basic models to those that are programmable. Then there are smart thermostats, or Wi-Fi thermostats, which take the thermostats of yesterday to a whole new advanced level. At Coastal Mechanical, we're proud to suggest the Wi-Fi thermostat that meets your home's energy needs as well as your personal preferences. We'll also be happy to install it for you so you can take your energy usage to a whole new level. Once you go Wi-Fi with your thermostat, you'll never go back.

Top Benefits of Wi-Fi Thermostats

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While a smart Wi-Fi thermostat usually costs a bit more than a conventional, basic one or a more advanced programmable one, the return on investment you can realize over its lifetime can be significant. Here's a closer look at some of the big benefits from installing and utilizing a Wi-Fi thermostat on your property.

Cost Savings

Arguably the biggest benefit of going the Wi-Fi thermostat route is that you're truly installing a "smart" thermostat in your property. When we stay "smart," we mean tit can help you control the temperature accordingly so that energy usage is minimized. You can also customize temperature settings for different parts of the day. It's not unusual to reduce heating and cooling costs up to 15 percent overall when you move up to a smart Wi-Fi thermostat. What's more is that there's little to no upfront cost thanks to Mass Save rebates. We'll even file for it on your behalf!

Control it Remotely

Another big benefit to having a Wi-Fi thermostat is that you can control it remotely from a mobile app. Say, for instance, you're coming home after a weekend away and want to make sure that your home is 68 degrees when you walk through the door. You can pull up the app and manually program it so that your home is just how you want it to be when you walk in the door. You can also turn it on or off from the app and track it to see if your HVAC unit is working properly.

Track ROI

Don't just take our word for the benefits of having a smart Wi-Fi - you can actually track how much your HVAC unit ran on a particular day, or throughout a particular week or month to actually monitor your energy usage and return on investment. If it takes seeing for you to believe it, simply pulling up the mobile app to check your HVAC history can be proof of its benefits.

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For more information on Wi-Fi smart thermostats and to schedule an appointment to have one installed, contact us at Coastal Mechanical today. As experts in all things heating and cooling, Wi-Fi thermostats are one of the most simple, yet effective upgrades you can make in your home. For more information, contact us today.

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