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Oil to Gas Conversions

Oil to Gas Conversions

Oil is the fuel of the past, gas is the fuel of the present. It's why we encourage any homeowner with appliances still powered by oil to convert - and upgrade - to gas today. At Coastal Mechanical, we can handle all of your oil to gas conversion needs, so you can reap the safety and cost savings benefits associated with making the switch. Learn more about the benefits of going from oil to gas with your boiler, water heater and furnace on this page, and contact us today for an estimate.

Why Convert Oil to Gas?

The biggest reason to switch from oil to gas is for cost savings purposes. Compared to oil, gas offers the best energy value for the buck, meaning you'll almost certainly notice the difference on your monthly utility bills. But cost savings isn't the only benefit from making a gas conversion from oil. Here's a look at some of the other advantages:

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  • Convenience: It's likely that you work with an external provider to deliver the oil, which can be a convenience issue and one more thing to worry about when it comes to maintaining your home. Gas, conversely, is on-demand and always ready when you need it. You'll likely just need some piping rework to make the conversion happen.
  • It's much cleaner than oil: Sustainability is another benefit, as gas is clean burning and far more energy efficient than oil. Compared to oil, gas can help reduce harmful emissions by nearly 30 percent.
  • It's available: Gas lines come directly into your home, so you won't need to rely on any portable tanks or self-fueling. All you'll need is a reliable partner to make the conversion from oil to gas to get you up and running.

Oil to Gas Conversion Services

Here's a closer look at the oil to gas conversion services we're pleased to offer to our customers:

  • Boilers and furnaces
  • Hot water heaters

We're also more than happy to help you start realizing the benefits of gas conversion immediately, and we'll help assist you with rebates for becoming more energy efficient. It's part of our commitment to added value service that we abide by here at Coastal Mechanical.

Contact Coastal Mechanical Today

Whether you're purchasing a new home and want to convert appliances to gas before you move in or just want to knock this task off the "to-do" list in your current space, it can pay - literally - to make the switch today. Let us at Coastal Mechanical serve as your partner to do it. We'll arrive on time, quickly and efficiently make the conversion, and then be on our way so you can start enjoying the benefits of gas power immediately. Contact us today for more information and to schedule your appointment for oil to gas conversion today.

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